Guest Songs & Poems
  The songs and poems inspired by guests' experiences in China are a joyful and humorous aspect of Imperial Tours' heritage. We share these with you below.

An Ode

To Guy our wonderful guide
Who takes everything in his stride
He's eager to please
With Camembert cheese
And chocolate along for the ride!

Conversation's not boring with Guy
He's witty; his humor is dry.
If you make an assumption
It's tremendous presumption
To think that he'll let it slip by!

Our time in China went fast
A magical spell was cast
Guy took such great care
Lots of beauty to share
So our memories forever will last.

by SN, Rochester, MN

A Song

Let's climb the Great Wall - Louie
Oh, what a wonderful view

We can see all the terracotta soldiers
Wth all their horses, heads and shoulders
And it isn't screwy, Louie, but we owe so much to you.

Float me down the Li River - Louie
On a bamboo raft
Everyone can go swimming now
But please finish by no more than half past

We will go to see rice wine made
And then we will see some growing tea
And of course before all that
We will give the boys time to pee

by the G Family, Cambridge, MA

The Time of Our Lives (sung to the tune of Abba's Dancing Queen)

We started our tour in Beijing
Our several days of traveling
A Fam trip in China
Going on to see
Xi'an, Guilin and Shanghai

Three travel agents, a husband and a kid
Tour manager and two trainees
Lois, Bob and Barbara
Tanuja, Tara, Aymeric
Philippa and Guy

And oh the things we did

Bargained with street vendors
Climbed the Great Wall
Played with bean curd
Sailed down the Li River
And rolled dumplings too, or tried

We saw acrobats
And clay warriors
While having the times of our lives
Oooh, oooh, oooh
37 courses a day
Thanks to Imperial

Mom was always the first and last to buy
Lois interrogated the guides
Orange snakes and mishaps
Barbara's just a doll
Bob was in the navy

No one knew how to say Aymeric
Philippa had a thousand hair clips
They picked up the biz
While I learned some Chinese
Bu yao huasheng you

And then there's that guy, Guy

Sweet, handsome, newlywed
Tour director extraordinaire
Let's hope he
Doesn't name his kid
Nagu, Guna or Dude, yeah

We still had the time of our lives
Oooh, oooh, oooh
Learning, traipsing 'round China
Thanks to Imperial
Thanks to Imperial

by TK, NY, NY

Our Wondrous Trip to China

Let's all go to China with our parents who are grand
This is a lifetime memory that through the years will stand
We're so thankful that you shared your time and energy
And of course your renminbi!
Oh What a Wondrous Trip to China
How could it be any finer?
For the Grandparents Hall of Fame, you've certainly won our votes.

by SG, Washington, DC

© Imperial Tours October 2003



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