The Travel Funds Protection Plan

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Imperial Tours demonstrates its financial integrity by participating in the Travel Money Protection Plan (TMPP), with funds deposited at Bank of America. TMPP is endorsed by the American Association of Travel Agents (ASTA) and the National Tour Association (NTA).




Since July 9, 2001 Imperial Tours has been a participant in the Travel Money Protection Plan ("Plan"). The Plan offers you and your travel agent the opportunity to place your deposit/payment into an escrow account maintained by Bank of America.

True Escrow Protection

All credit card payments directly made by you through Imperial Tours are processed by a US based credit card processing financial institution ("Merchant Bank".) Imperial Tours has instructed the Merchant Bank to deposit all credit card payments processed for the account of Imperial Tours into the Bank of America escrow account. This means that such funds will be separate from the operating funds of Imperial Tours. The Plan differs from some so-called escrow agreements where a tour operator opens a bank account in its own name as trustee. Imperial Tours has also agreed to allow an independent Certified Public Accountant to annually review Imperial Tours financial receipts records for various dates randomly selected by the CPA during the prior year. You or your travel agent may obtain a copy of the CPA's report upon delivery of a written request to Imperial Tours.

How you can participate in the Plan if paying by Check

If payment for your trip is by check, your check (or your travel agent's check, if you are relying on your travel agent) must be made payable to "Shelby Financial / Escrow Account for Imperial Tours Ltd". Shelby Financial Corporation, a financial services company incorporated in Pennsylvania, is the third-party administrator of the FDIC insured escrow accounts. Bank of America and Shelby Financial Corporation can not be responsible under the Plan for a check which is payable in any other manner. Imperial Tours pays all costs of your participation in the Plan.

How Deposits/Payments received are Protected under the Plan

When your funds are received, they will be deposited into a Bank of America escrow account. After your scheduled return date according to Shelby Financial Corporation's records (and after Imperial Tours should have rendered the services to you), the remaining funds will be delivered to Imperial Tours and/or providers of travel services. In the unlikely event that Imperial Tours defaults or ceases to operate, you or your travel agent must file a refund claim with Shelby Financial Corporation for the funds which are in the escrow account. Your claim must be filed as soon as possible but no later than two days after the end of your scheduled trip to China booked with Imperial Tours.

What is not protected under the Plan

The Plan does not protect you, your travel agent or any provider of travel services from loss (monetary or otherwise) resulting from the following:

  • Your cancellation or interruption of your trip for any reason including death, injury, illness of you or a family member.
  • Any delays in delivering any of the travel services.
  • Any disputes involving your travel agent, Imperial Tours or any provider of travel services regarding the type or quality of services promised or rendered.
  • Checks and the proceeds of credit card payments not received and collected by Bank of America and/or Shelby Financial Corporation.
  • Travel agent payments through a miscellaneous charge order (MCO) unless Imperial Tours advances its own funds into the NCB escrow account to cover the MCO or the proceeds of the MCO are received by NCB prior to the date of your departure.
  • Failure of you or your travel agent to make a timely claim for a refund in the unlikely event of a default by Imperial Tours.
  • Payments to Tour Operator for Chinese domestic or international air carrier services.
  • The payment of funds to your travel agent for services not provided by Imperial Tours.

Various types of travel insurance programs are available to protect you from some of the above losses. The Plan does not guaranty payment to any party which provides travel services to you.

Plan Summary

This is only a summary of the Plan. The obligations of Bank of America and Shelby Financial Corporation with respect to deposits/payments received are governed solely by the terms of the Escrow Agreement.

All Claims for refunds under the Plan should be submitted to:

Bank of  America Escrow Account
c/o Shelby Financial Corporation
5 Great Valley Parkway, Suite 110
Malvern, PA 19355

For further details, please call Michael Glynn of the Travel Services Department at:

Tel: +1 (610) 999 2475


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